London Bus Hub app: Nokia Create Master Mission runners up

Just got an email from the beautiful people at Nokia that one of my apps, the free London Bus Hub app is a runner up in the Maps & Places Master Mission for the Nokia Create Competition. The competition received over 5,000 entries from various developers, hence I’m proud that my app is recognized as a runner up in a major category.

Nokia Purity Pro headset

Nokia Purity Pro headset

I get to win a cool Nokia 1080 with the 41 mega pixel camera and a Nokia Pro Purity headset designed by Beats, exclusively for Nokia. I think I’m actually going to rock these pair of headsets, I once won the original Beats headset and ended up gifting it to my nephew as a birthday present, I’m conscious of not looking like one of the several unruly teenagers who wear them on the London public transport. These Nokia special pair are actually uniquely gorgeous, I’ve chosen the yellow option, cos that’s how we roll! The Quality isn’t quite Bose standard (which is also an overrated pair) but it’ll do for the moment.

As for the 1020, I’m not yet decided if I’ll keep this device as my daily driver. As a photography enthusiast, it sounds like a no-brainer. However, having seen the new Quad Core Nokia 1520 (please don’t use that word Phablet) and its amazing 6″ screen in its full glory, I’m almost sold. My mouse hovers over the buy button every weekend; only reason for not pulling the trigger? The Missus. I was made to make a promise, against my will might I add, that my current phone (a 920) would last for at least a year. Apparently we need to be grateful for what we have and blah blah blah. Essentially I’ll get into trouble, she’s not exactly the most tech savvy, but I’ll definitely have a hard time disguising a phone that size!

A very quick intro into the London Bus Hub app which currently has an average of 4.6 star rating in the Windows phone store; it enables you to view the TFL countdown for any bus from any location within the greater London. You are able to view bus arrival times, routes and stop information on maps. In order to make my bus app stand out from several other similar apps in the store, I decided to focus on three unique features which will add value to the app.

  • A beautiful metro UI – Applying Metro flat UI principles without going overboard. Flat design should not imply a bland ms dos like interface, it wholly encourages design to be centred on the content.
  • Customization options – I developed the app with default options that I felt will benefit the average Joe. I’ve also provided the option to customize various screens should a user choose to do so. For example

    o The app, by default launches the home screen, providing options such as finding bus stops around your current location, viewing your favourite station list, performing a bus route search or location search etc. Power users have the option to just view bust stations around their current geographic location, so that you bypass he landing page
    o You can opt in to have results displayed in just a list, on a map or in a hybrid mode (list and map which is the default)
  • User driven feature design – Getting feedback from the app users and using the feedback to drive future features release cycles for the app.

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