A new beginning

First post! On a more serious note, this is now literally my third attempt to run a technical blog. The past couple of attempts have proved to be more of a chore, when things get that that way, it knocks the fun right out of what you love doing, I enjoy software development, it’s a passion and a way of life. When the medium (or tool) you choose to express your thoughts and findings about it becomes a pain, that’s the time to stop.

I am now running WordPress on windows azure! Will see how this pans out. Who would have guessed that this combination would be a reality a few years ago? An application built with a competing programming language (yes, PHP is a programming language, I’ll save this particular rambling for another post), running on Microsoft’s service? Fast forward to 2013, A VM running full UNIX, JAVA, Node.js with full SLA support is a reality on Azure.

It’s amazing to see how mature the Azure platform has come in the last couple of years. Being a natural early adopter, I remember spinning a couple of Azure instances up at its early pre-beta years and thinking about how much catch-up Microsoft would need to do to get anywhere near the level of maturity AWS had attained. With Scott Gu’s direction, The platform seems to be reaching new heights on a periodic basis these days; platform as a service or infrastructure as a service are both a few clicks away.

I will mostly be blogging about my experiences with Azure, windows 8 and windows phone development on this blog, and some stuff about photography, I would too about playing the Sax, just not on that level yet. Importing my previous posts to this blog seems a pain, I’ll banish them to where they belong, a life of eternal condemnation, this a new beginning.

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